01. Theresa and I went out for a couple of weeks, but we discovered pretty quickly that we aren't really [compatible].
02. His strong religious beliefs don't really seem [compatible] with the lifestyle of a rock musician.
03. I think Jeremy and Zeta are together for reasons of sexual attraction, rather than for any real [compatibility].
04. Unfortunately, the software I saw in the store is not [compatible] with my Mac.
05. His lifestyle is just not [compatible] with ideas such as commitment and responsibility in a relationship.
06. There is a lot more software available that is [compatible] with PCs than with Macs.
07. Any girlfriend I have has to be interested in outdoor sports for us to be truly [compatible].
08. Mahatma Gandhi once said that honesty is [incompatible] with the making of a large fortune.
09. The dating service has people fill out a questionnaire to determine if they are [compatible].
10. Over the years, my wife and I have changed to the point where I feel we are no longer really [compatible].
11. I don't know if my brother and his wife are really [compatible]. He loves to spend a lot of time riding his bicycle, and doing exercise, whereas she prefers to stay at home and read.
12. Because of the church's treatment of Galileo, many people suggest that religion is [incompatible] with science.
13. His extravagant lifestyle doesn't seem very [compatible] with his left-wing political views.
14. Their [incompatibility] is partially due to their great difference in age.
15. Plato and Aristotle believed that elaborate instrumental music was [incompatible] with the ideal state.

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